Friday, December 4, 2009

Your Communication as a Lesson

You are all doing well I hope. I have been busy learning about neurotypical communication. You are a complicated species whose motivations I am just beginning to understand, so driven are you in all your actions by emotion. It is foreign to my hierarchy of need. For me need is food and shelter and questions resolved and affection too. But I do not feel the need to commune my emotions as you do. Your communication is largely emotion based. The joy I find in communing in just being is the same joy you seem to get in communing in emotion with one another. I asked my classmates to explain but they did not. I do not feel it, the emotion, as you do. Love I know and anger too, but the subtleties elude me. I do not appreciate the difference in emotional tone as being anything decisive. The content is so often hidden in the intensity of what I feel. It is like an angry sea that sinks what should be a floating boat; the purpose of the boat, lost to the waves. I am seeking answers now to things I don't mutually experience. How do you describe a sunset to a blind man. I am as the blind man. That is my task of learning.