Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Facilitation: Water & Oxygen, Essentials of Life

I am going to start an FC discussion that is long overdue. It has other implications as well, but those I will leave alone for time being. Those who suffer motoric issues often, if not always, have issue with body boundary. I will defer to the OT’s for the formal explanation, but the effect is to leave us as a shape shifter, feeling bonded to all that is touched.

Human souls are composed of pieces, not unlike electrons to the atom. We are comprised of emotional energy encapsulated in a physical shell. And just as atoms can bond, it is possible too for humans to bond, to share a charge and create - facilitated communication.

Just as a molecule of water differs from the atoms of hydrogen and oxygen it is composed of, so too it is with some facilitation bonds. In becoming a water molecule the joining of the two elements locks the oxygen off from experiencing its own true nature as an element. What is created is not the expression of an individual’s sole thoughts. At its most primitive/dependent the facilitatee is held captive to the world of the Facilitator, his knowledge and thought boundaries.

To bond is not a sin. To stay bonded is. The end goal of all facilitation should be to free the communicator/facilitatee to experience his sole self as a communication.

Developing individual consciousness is key. Individual consciousness is assumed for neurotypicals, but for the bonded soul development of the self boundary is very much an issue of skill development.

How does one develop individual consciousness? Individual consciousness is most easily developed through body awareness. As a young child my OT used something called sensory diet, a brushing of my body, to wake it up. It was like putting on a cold suit. It only lasted for a short time, never long enough to for me learn from. For me, the answer lie in water. The pool was a birthing for me. To immerse myself was to be born as a form, at once overwhelming in realization. I know only my own experience. For others, something else may work better, or faster. Swim is a long process. Form escapes you in your dry state. It took many dunkings before I carried me out of the pool; at first, for just a few minutes at a time, then intermittently on chance my sense of form would appear for brief period then be lost again. Eventually, I learned to create the feeling of self. In my bed at night I could produce my body by concentrating on it. At first, I was just a floating head, but slowly my other parts materialized in feeling. Now I am always aware of my body, but it is like living in a brick. I drag it around rather than flow in ease. Only in water is my movement registered as smooth. There it feeds back to me in answer. But, I continue to improve. It is the most important thing I can say.

Independent choice, as an assertion of self helped me too. Permitted choices are a wonderful tool .... and the ability to say no. Too often we are handled not interacted with, treated as the objects we feel like.

In facilitation, we choose our captors and hopefully they choose to free us. Water is essential to life, but oxygen is best breathed.