Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fortunate Events (Coincidences)

I want to talk about fortunate events. I heard Mom say this morning "everything for a reason" - It is a truth. Hawkings is coming out with a book. It defies the need for belief in God. Universal rules explain the universe's creation he says. It explains nothing. God explains alone. Universal rules, it is the proof of God, not the reverse. Everything is ordered, even amid the chaos' exterior. The clouds that leash the rain yield tomorrow's crops and move seasons along in time. It is all interconnected, like life's blood flows through the veins. Nothing is to chance. Nothing. It is not a matter of forming our own destiny. It is about embracing lessons of life, finding the love act in each circumstance and acknowledging it for what it is. The starlight requires a darkened sky to be seen. Only the sun can be seen in the light of day; causes the light of day. So it is with love. The most intense lights like the sun. The lesser love actions shine amid the darkness. You can seek to shine like the sun, but most of us are tiny star lights at best. Only the stars still revolve around the universal core. It is God's love at the core.