Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Soul Purpose of Autism

This journal entry was written in response to a student question, "What is Autism?'

In the physical or as a soul’s purpose?

As soul’s purpose it is a path back to the source. Not for the autist but for those exposed to him. To help an autist yields no personal gain. It is altruism in practice; that is love enacted. Love is key to soul’s re-enlightenment. We lose our knowledge of soul when embodied in the physical. The more perfect the body the harder the search. Love revisits the source.

Man has multiple purposes, each individual his own: to lead, to support, to annoy even, are all roles we play within the greater picture.

The evil of 911 initiated so much worldly good as a response to the negative. From a worldly perspective we view them, the perpetrators, as evil, yet it was their purpose… not the evil act, but the loving response evoked by it. Light and dark are interdependent, two sides of the same thing, the ying and yang of it. Love is the all important emotion. It is our soul source. To be all that can be imagined for ourselves is our purpose in the physical. To retain love as base and end is the plan. People are so narrow in their view of right and wrong. Just their tiny world do they see as a point of judgment, like judging the taste of coffee by the sugar I put in it. It is the mixture not the plain sugar that forms the test. Only coffee plain as black is the real taste. Reality is a mixture of what is real and what is perceived as real. It is perception based. For us to find the love in each experience is our goal as a complete soul. Love leaves an imprint greater than any other. It leaves the experiencer feeling a connection to other souls.

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