Thursday, October 1, 2009

About Ask Me a Question from Jennifer

Jennifer asked " I am wondering... I have a 5 year old that was given the label pddnos. What ever that really means. I think it means they have no idea. my son is non verbal. He speaks a little to get his needs met. But not alot. So I guess my question is in your opinion does he understand the things I am saying at all? is he just ignoring me? Does he actually love me?? All harsh and unintelligent questions maybe but autism confuses me. I dont understand. which is sad cause that means I dont understand that part of my son."


He is 5. You will grow together. When I was 5 I did not understand the meaning of words. At the age of 20 words are largely all I have to display my intelligence. I will ask Mom to find and post for you what I wrote so far on my first understandings. Maybe it will help. Time aids development, as does understanding. Learning about sensory integration may help if he is the same genre autism as me.

Does he love you? Of course. He may have difficulty as an autist in the world environment; maybe a poor sense of self and others even, but love is our source. Do not get discouraged. I only learned to be in the present for hugs much later in life and my mom says I am a great hug now. Love speaks without words or even touch sometimes. Trust in yourself to convey it and he will receive and reciprocate it in his own way and time. You are a good mom to want to know him as he is.



  1. My older journal entry explaining my "First Understandings" is now up on blog under that heading.

  2. These are very powerful words for anyone, Micahel...thank you for sharing.