Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Future of Autism

Questions are running through my mind. Are we as autists truly brain damaged? Or, am I the beginnings of a new species of man, not unlike Cromagnum or Neanderthal. If 1 in 150 are being born with my autistic wiring, is it not a matter of evolution at work, whatever the underling causes or factors? Is autism a cancer on society or the next saving adaptation? As the world devolves, with ever increasing catastrophes, will autism have a place in it, or be one of the casualties of it? These are the thoughts that occupy my mind today.

I liken autism to an alien race, with benefits and disadvantages both. I see the deaf culture and think the disadvantage of it is in living in a speaking world. Like that it is a bit with autism. Will there come a time when environment will favor the autist? It is a selfish wish, but my tired brain hopes so.


  1. Dear Michael,

    I suspect that an environment that favors the autist would likely favor us all. Those of us who are "neurotypical" may not be as sensitive or aware, but I hope that we can learn from what you experience. I know that I think, rush, plan, set goals and often spend too little time just being. Maybe our brains are tired, too, but we have just figured out too many ways around awareness of tiredness. We are so often the opposite of mindful.

    If you could, would you please share with us your thought of what an environment that favors autists would be?

    Thank you so much for all that you share.

  2. Hi Mike,
    I will miss seeing you this semester. I was just checking your blog to catch up. Insightful as always! Good luck!
    Jenn Alberti

  3. "Will there come a time when environment will favor the autist?"

    This is the hope that keeps me going. Thank you. :)