Thursday, August 12, 2010

Silence Speaks

I have been on vacation from work. It is only fitting after 20 years of therapy that I finally had a break. Mom says it is time to rejoin the effort on behalf of the silent.

Silence is akin to death as communication goes. To be without a voice is to objectify oneself. We lose our humanity, become pieces of furniture to be moved about, dolls to be played with, puppets to our caretakers. The soul is trapped like life in a seed, waiting for its nutrients and release. Are you the sun and water and earth to your child or desert sand? Putting humanity first is the first priority in treatment.

Silence is not an excuse to forget our humanity. Even silence speaks. It lends direction to the breeze. Can you hear it? No. But you can feel it. So it is with us. Like the flower, we lean into the light. Our actions point the way. Start by listening through all your senses and you will hear us speak, even in our silence.


  1. Mike, that is an absolutely beautiful piece of writing.

    I've asked all my readers to come over and visit. I hope they will become regular readers.

  2. For me, sometimes, silence is where mere humanity is most apparent.

    Love your point about "leaning into the light" and "listening through all the senses".

    "Are you the sun and water and earth to your child or desert sand?"

    Great question there!