Monday, May 18, 2009

Integrity of the Individual

Each autist is an individual with their own unique perceptual reality

Autists are individuals first. We are bound together only by our alienness to your ways. I am an alien to my own kind. I am an alien to the world. I can not speak for other autists’ experiences, but I can speak to the universal experience of alienation. I can recount my personal experience and struggle in hope that a piece here or there will help someone. Mine is not the answer, just one potential answer. In starting this I want my fellow autists to know they have my deepest respect. I do not wish to contradict anyone’s individual truth. Integrity of thought is imperative. Integrity of the individual depends on it.

You come to this blog for the purpose of finding answers that will help your child become a fuller person. Your first answer is to understand your child is already a complete person with an intact soul. Learning and expression are the issues. Autism protects personhood, it does not detract from it. Initiating personhood in the outside world, that is the process we need to address.

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