Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Is Autism Something For Cure?

I belong to a forum* composed mostly of asperger individuals, just individuals is what I’d really like to be able to say because that is the real truth of it, but it is not how society lives. Until you love an autism spectrum individual, I don’t think you can appreciate the value of individualism. I think the aspies get a poor deal of it, being associated with me, a low functioning autist. The curebies direct their beliefs toward me, but those with aspergers do not see the distinction. Their differences sensitive them to the greater question. Division is a slippery slope; once me as severely disabled, why not you as differently abled. What becomes the variation and measure? How much is too much difference? Societal norms dictate the measures used. Hitler created his own societal norm and the masses followed. The curebie mentality is not limited to autism. It is potentially aimed at each of us. Let us cure the world of autists, or gays, or Blacks or Whites for that matter, whoever is the odd man out at the time.

You do it now. Not with a cure, but with an attitude of superiority. Attitude is all it takes to destroy a soul. You can kill something just as easily one way as the other. How many autists have already been robbed of their personhood through therapies designed to teach normalcy. It is genocide already. To teach diversity appreciation places the victim in position of responsibility. I am not sure I like that. It is the responsibility of the non-victims to speak. Where are our families and friends? I think they need to be the ones to speak.

* www.aspiesforfreedom.com

Entry #2.

The issue of cure is a difficult question. The parents, I am sure, would say yes please. It is only natural not to want to see a loved one suffer. I can not blame them for that. Making a good argument for autism is difficult unless you are of my belief that we are all with a purpose beyond ourselves, typical people as well. Even normal is not normal. Each has his own strengths and weaknesses. Nothing is without purpose to my mind, whether it be to develop self or others. Even seeking a cure happens with purpose.

But for those who already exist the question changes. It becomes personal; a question of whether you are worthy just as you are. Political niceties aside, it goes to the heart of humanity. How we care for others is the true measure of self.

Is it all too much to ask that we honor God’s creations just as they are? We test tube this and euthanize that to make God’s of ourselves. It is a farce of hells making. Only God sees all of the connections. Only God knows each of our purposes one to another. I am not God, just a tiny piece of him. You too. We live in a society that kills God everyday in aborting new life, even normal life. Why then should I as an autist expect any better treatment from this society. The issue is not one of cure, but one of humanity. How you view it is most important to you. Your answer and reasoning defines you.

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