Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Typing to the Music

We are trying something new today. Mom is having me type independently to music. It works like a heartbeat. To the rhythm I type each letter. I can tap my hand to the beat so I use it to type instead now. Mom is full of good ideas sometimes. I am able to write much faster this way and I get to listen to music while I work. Mom is smart, but I know too a good thing when I see it. Hunter says I can use music to build motor chains. How good an effect from something I love.
A slow song just came on the radio and my speed is now a slow dance, but it is still my motor at work. How long before this song ends? Because I am done.


  1. Hi Mike, I just found out about your blog from William Stillman's site, and I am so grateful for it. I am the mom of the sweetest most wonderful 6 year old autistic boy, who just started mainstream kindergarten with an aide. Like you he is very smart but cannot say much, and like you I hope someday he will be able to learn to type so he can continue to grow and learn.

    Thanks for posting your thoughts in this blog, I am learning a lot from you, and hope to apply these lessons with my son. Tell your mom that I admire her, and to you, please rememeber that she is just human and will make many mistakes, but nobody in this world loves you more than she does. I know that is the case with me and my little boy.

    Talk to you soon.

  2. Hi Mike,

    My 14 year old son is a nonverbal typer too. We both enjoy reading your posts. We were wondering if there was a specific type of music that helps you type.

    David has not worked on his blog recently but he does have a website with his poetry and school work on it (not updated this last year). You can see it at davidteplitz.com. He has this website to let the world know what nonverbal people with autism are capable of doing.

    Thanks for posting your thoughts. They are very insightful.


  3. Linda and David,
    I am just trying it so I have a lot to learn in it yet. My internal rhythm is about 1/2 my mom's. I do her to double beat to use her to move. A bit like running it is. I love Christian rock because it speaks to my soul. I am about to learn if it speaks to my motor too. Heavy metal I was told is good for some, not me. Maybe it is the organized chaos of it that appeals. I like a steady beat to move to.

    I read David's poetry. Keep writing.

    I publish your note for David's poetry but please to not solicit to cure autism through or because of me. Autism need to be developed not cured. It is with purpose.


  4. Evelyn,

    To type is good, but even I still seek to talk. Be patient. I may still come. Try PECS
    If he can see the visual and symbolize it is a very good system to use to learn to speak.