Thursday, July 30, 2009

Motor and Words

Most times I understand everything that is said to me. Moving to the words is another matter. For me, words are like tiny motor cues. But not all words have an action. Words like "stop" for example. I can not act to it. I need to hear or think an alternate action to stop. Or "Hand me the butter - I have to picture butter in a hand moving to act to it. "Get" is a tough word for me to follow too. It originates from me to a point, something I have trouble with. I sometimes focus so much on the "Get", that I lose the what I am supposed to get. "Get me a fork", Dad said the other night and I got lost in movement attempts to do it. It makes it look like I don't know fork when I do. Only sometimes I do lose a word. Its function I know, but the word itself escapes me. Only it is confusing for a few seconds, but then I see it, the word, written in my head. To read the word is to know it again. It is something I learned to do, to picture objects in written form, not as an object in my head. It is how I learned to read when young, by words on objects. So I started to do it in my head that way. It helps to ease a hiccup of thought.

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