Thursday, July 23, 2009

An Indirect Approach Will Still Get You There

I heard my voice today. In speech they record and play it back to me. It is gravelly, gutteral is what Mom calls it, but it was also clear to hear what I was saying. I am amazed to hear me speaking words. I move to talk along with me. It is me initiating my own speech. How stange and wonderful it feels. How odd a way to do it. But if I can do it this way then why not another?

The other day I swam for the first time using my upper and lower body together. I cheated at first, using my walking across the bottom of the pool to get the motion started. To continue on into what was over my head is what got me swimming. It is another trick over my body. Only I can feel my excitement at the accomplishment.

The key to autism is often figuring out a way to do indirectly what can not be done directly. Once achieved the act overshadows the means and a whole new I can do attitude arises which sometimes eradicates whatever blockage existed in the first place. I hope this is what will happen with my speech. I know this is what will happen with my swimming. I can not wait for my daily pool trip!

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