Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Next Step in Facilitated Communication is Independence

I have been thinking. I do not understand why facilitation is not viewed as a valid process to independent typing. I do not understand why training focuses on the facilitator rather than the facilitated. I have made great progress recently based on simple practice skills that impact variables in typing. Others who have gained independence must have equal or better insights. Those who facilitate too must know their own experience. Is there a place to share the technical issues and solutions, not to typing facilitated, but to gaining control independent in typing? I am willing to share what I know, but as one experience I am only a half truth. I think we should come together to brain storm issues and solutions in training. Isolating variable skills will enable the learning of them. We can learn to do the impossible in pieces. We can help each other as no trainer alone can. OT's can decipher and build the activities based on our descriptions of problem. A path can be plowed to indpendence.
What can not be achieved directly can be indirectly done: A styllus saves crossing midline,a block or chip offers point of reference,a board's background can move one directionally, neck cocontraction focuses sight, arm stability focuses movement. There are so many tricks and bridges - finger splints, weighted wrists... I want to collect and share them all as a blog of its own. I think it is time we speak to and for each other to help one another and those without a voice. It is time we direct our own validation by bringing more and more of us to independence. I am still in process, but this action of exposure is its own bridge to further my independence. I want help from those whose voices are but a whisper now. To find a voice requires sharing. It is its own first step. If anyone will take it with me please let me know. My email is


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