Thursday, May 13, 2010

Claudia's Question - How do you learn best?

Claudia asked : In non-technical terms, how do you learn the best?

The art of learning is a process of learning all its own. Like a giant game board it is - How to do it depends on one's position in play. But there are rules of fair play. 1) Always limit your moves to one at a time. Teach/learn only one thing at a time. 2) Use established routes when trying out new gear. Teach in ways the learner already understands to provide new information. New modes/methods of learning require old knowledge to test reliability. 3) Grading is teacher not student performance related and 4)No is an acceptable answer.

I am an evolving learning process. Currently, auditory is my favored modality for intaking information. Performance that omits intricate motor chains or orientation is preferred for response. I still keep to one thing at a time in lessons, but what is an "unknown" is fewer in number.

At start, I had to alternate my attention by sense, one then another to learn. Movement oriented response was impossible. We did a lot of learning that only became evident much later in time when my means of response performance finally developed. My greatest aid to learning has been OT related gains.

Making one listen is impossible, but we all have our own unique curiosity and passions, even motivations. Mine were escape and my string. Motivation is everything. It fuels effort. And effort results in aha moments for teacher and student which can be built upon. I am a huge construction project managed by my Mom. To understand my architecture, it is a better question for her. In some things even my perspective is limited.

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  1. Mike - have you heard of Autism National Committee? google us and join if you find you like us -we are a great group of people w/various forms of autism working for social justice!

    pat edwards ; >