Monday, January 24, 2011


I am lost for words of late. For me, life is a mental process, not a physical one. My physical is limited. My mind is limitless. But, putting words to thoughts is tricky, just as with putting words to pictures, words sometimes fall short.

I have experienced so much these past few weeks, of life and death, and hopelessness and hopefulness. Each breeds the other in an intricate connectedness of time and space. One person's tragedy is another's opportunity to soul shine. I am talking about random acts of kindness, the human capacity to empathize and act.

My Aunt just lost her child. Despite her personal pain she reaches out to another whose loss will be her, for her family. She revisits pending death in honor of her friend's life. How strong is the human spirit. How fragile is life. It amazes me, the strength of soul hidden in a fragile physical form. We celebrate the fragile body as being life, but it is only a mirage of life. True life is in the soul, a soul that ultimately seeks freedom from the physical through death. Death is life everlasting. Love is what binds the two, the physical and the soul. To make concrete a life is an act of love's remembrance. To move from the physical to the soul is an act of love's receiving, God's love spilled out to us. Love is the cement that binds all.

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