Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Facilitation: A Cost Too High to Pay?


I agree with this blog. FC is dangerous. So are knives, and guns, and words wielded irresponsibly. It is in knowing the danger that we avoid it. It should never be wielded as a sword, rather as a tool for advancement of skill. I type independent at times if really important. FC was the path to independent typing for me. To put myself on display asks alot. But, I would work to do it under the adverse anxiety of it if it would serve others. This is my question. One voice, is it enough? Will it take two? Or will each be disregarded as the oddity rather than the rule?

People will believe the worst of people. It is the real lesson here. Mankind is capable of such grace and such evil. I am not a pioneer by nature. Is that cowardice? I am about to do the unthinkable for me in committing to put myself independent on tape. I wish Dr. Todd knew the cost of that

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