Monday, February 28, 2011

Ready to Type.

I am ready to type. I want to type about life as an autist. I am about to undertake a huge task - the changing of a mind. Motivations can be a tricky thing. Unless they are pure, influence is a false assumption tied to motive not truth. If they are pure, influence is a matter of showing a greater truth. Influence becomes tied to the credibility of the speaker or the obviousness of the truth. Where truth is hidden among untruths or just hidden from view, reason gets applied. But what reason? Five sense reason or multi-sensory reason? I am reading The Seat of the Soul and the author starts with the mirage of survival of the fittest. Five sense reasoning says survival of the fittest is the most advanced of species, but we know this is not true. It is the altruistic act that sets the most advanced apart. How do you explain this? The soul speaks it to you. This is my task, to help another to understand the workings of the soul. It answers all questions unknown. I pray for the grace to say it right. It is important so others will have continued opportunity. It is about them. No more, no less. I am an enigma of two worlds, capable and incapable. This is the purpose God fashioned me for. Pray for me that I may do him service well.