Tuesday, April 5, 2011

FC - A Visible Help For a Vision Problem

Today I started using a new board - Black on white, with the middle keys highlighted in yellow. It is a wonderful help. My eyes have difficulty tracking a line. Mom used to highlight my reading material to separate the lines for me. Every other line she would highlight. To facilitate, I use the facilitator's eyes. A bump is up, a tug is down; then I just go across and pick the letter I want. Typing independently is different. Only my eyes can I count on then. This board helps my eyes stay a course. It is a wonderful simple aid that both eases and speeds the process. If I can see better, I can type easier. I owe Todd a big thank you. I am sometimes surprised at what comes out of communication, even arguments. Mom learned something from something she did not want to think was true. Honesty is always best. When asked, I told her I do use her eyes as facilitator. To see the need is always to find a solution with her. Now my work at typing is easier. I wish I could say I thought to tell her of the need. I did not. Sometimes autists do better to think in answers then in questions. James Todd is the one who sparked the conversation that revealed it. He is a skeptic but a responsive one. I might have enjoyed working with him if he would have given me a chance at personhood. But I am a ghost to him so it is not possible. Acknowledgment of body and soul and mind should not be too much to ask. No hard feelings, just regrets. I will keep working on my typing.


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