Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Flotation Devices

Finger isolation is difficult for me. A pointer is necessary to type. But other means exist that are sometimes more helpful. I use chips sometime to mark my letters. In school I used post-its cut up into sticky tabs to mark answers. Sometimes to hold something or move to get something makes all the difference in tricking one's motor system to respond. Limiting sensory flow helps too. The new board I'm using requires less visual effort for me to find my keys. Energy saved can be put somewhere else, into thought or movement. Our systems work differently than yours. It is a constant attempt to focus amid distractions which are nonthought actions for you. I think to move all the time. You just "do it" unless in a tricky situation. For me, all movement equates to your tricky situation, all life is swimming against the current. To learn to swim is to learn to fight the current. Flotation devices are the things I talk about, like chips and highlight, the increased buoyancy and ease of movement they provide. Do you understand? Now I go swim - really. :)

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