Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Facilitation and Its Limitations.

Facilitation is a gift not a skill, like musicality or athleticism or artistic ability. I facilitate with Mom because she is a motor movement initiation cue. To "do it" is what she screams to my senses. I facilitated with Mary Lapos as an open room. She offered up all that she was for my use. I facilitated with Linda as a helpmate. Each of their motivations differed , but they share a motor ability to move me and drive me to see myself as an answer. I see my response and they make way for a typing of it. To use them is what I do. But they also drive my action to initiate. I start and flow as a single movement. It carries me along. I feel the start, then my body can take it from there. Not everyone can facilitate, just like not everyone can sing. Think of it as a melody composed as duet. Each has their role and the two work together. It is a partnership and you have to forget your oneness over another. Most are leaders or followers. FC is for team players mostly absent a special relationship. I have FC causal. Mom is a "do it" cue. Mary was a team player and Linda was a necessary to school work answering. Only all my facilitators held high hopes for me as a person. Not all have a respectful approach. Not all have the inner tuning to do it. Not all trust the communicator to want to communicate. There are many reasons for facilitation to fail. Some are even our own : to not want to share, to not know how to think in communicative language as a question or an answer or as a thought concrete. Moving from sight thought to words is a learning process. Moving from emotion to thought ties is a real difficult transition too. So much of communication is based on sharing an emotional experience. To not have the tie of emotion to your experiences limits the wish to communicate. You don't see the way we see. It is like having a conversation with a foreigner, commonality is lost in the language barrier - or motor barrier. For all the obstacles it is a miracle that facilitation works at all sometimes. Sometimes there is no miracle.

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