Friday, November 30, 2012

A Person, Not a Cause

     A ribbon that is a puzzle -  Is that what I am in your language of symbolism?   Who makes this stuff up?  A ribbon signals a cause.   A puzzle you put together to make a whole picture.  Is that what I am to you, something to be pieced together to completion like a puzzle?  Whatever the intent, It reflects your approach.
Questioning, a question mark,  for autism I would understand, but a puzzle and a cause?  Not even a person do they use in the symbols.   Our autism is the only focus, not the child who deals with it.  Autism should not rule personhood nor be an excuse for you to ignore it. We are children first.  The ethics of that gets lost in the ribbon of your cause.  I am not a puzzle to be pieced together. I am blood and breath, a living, breathing organism, not a broken object to be fixed.
      Make sense of the world for me, that is what I needed.  Treat me as valuable and loved.  Touch me with respect for whatever are my issues. Know my behaviors have purpose and carry meaning. Recognize my intelligence as not reflective in my sensory dysfunction.  
      Ask yourself for whom you grieve.  It will tell you for whom you act in treatment.  Help me, don’t seek to eradicate my underlying nature.  There is value in everything in God’s creation, even autism.  Don’t start out in a panic.  It is a journey you embark on.  A puzzle brick road that takes you home to a person  I see as a possible symbol, but then I love Bill, so a puzzle brick road speaks of love to me .
The symbol needs to be redesigned, preferably by an autistic individual as artist .  Our identity should not be reduced to a cause, especially one that denies our underlying personhood in its symbols.

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