Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Frustration Overwhelms at Times

     I am at a no help needed point in my real skills at typing but my frustration overwhelms. Mom says it is a required skill as credibility goes but it angers me to force myself to do it. She thinks she forces a good thing; that teaching independence in this yields far more than independent typing and communication. It may yield initiation in other areas of motor, the activities of life. She may be right in it, but it makes the work no easier to know it. My breaks are back to words apart. I break myself on stupid mistakes so Mom knows to backspace. She calls my letters as they appear for her on screen – to late, because I already know my mistakes. I have to fight the urge to lash out at me for my stupid body. “No cause for frustration," she says. It is my overload I feel. Just so much at once to move it is. It is my life I fight for I know, but like rehab it is, coming back from a stroke; you do not see the ends, just the struggle at times. I breathe deeply and start again.

Message from Mom:

For Carol, Tina or any other OT that happens by,

I need to improve the stabilization in Mike's shoulders and typing arm. Would repetitions lifting a light weight help?  Any suggestions you have would be more than appreciated. Feel free to submit in comments. Thanks.

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