Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One Soul

I am afraid to speak to my heart. I am afraid God will be disappointed in my efforts. Placing myself at risk for ridicule I do not fancy. Polite conversation needs to be at end for today. Polite conversation is really an introduction to something far more important.

People speak of savants,in art, music and even synesthesia. There is a form of savant that is as a connectedness of soul. It happens as a product of those with extremely broken bodies, not just autists, but all forms of disability.

The body encapsulates the soul. The soul hides itself as means of developing self. We are one soul united; hidden in each of us. “Pieces” is not the right word for it. It is apart, but also a whole, a concept beyond our experience and understanding; like a pearl necklace, individual beads on a single strand. The strand is our connectedness, the beads dependent on each other to form the necklace. To lose one is to lose all. This is as it is with souls. Individual is not individual at all. Those with broken bodies can see and feel the strand that binds. We sense our oneness and through the connectedness of pearl to strand, the pearls' individual natures as well.

Love is the strand. To experience it may be to temporarily realize the connection in even the blind. You have experienced it I am sure: to know a loved one is in trouble, to think or say the same thing simultaneously with another, to share a special moment in a bubble of time. You call it intuition, but it is love as our connectedness that accounts for it. It is love that opens our eyes to the connectedness; like seeking like, like raindrops to the river, back to the source it flows. God places mirrors of the soul in everything to act as silent reminder. Look and see for yourself.


  1. Mike,
    This is beautiful! I have worked with people with "broken bodies" for many years now. I agree completely that they have a very special bond, along with a very special understanding of the world. Few were able to express themselves as well as you do - although when we helped them learn to type we found out they had insights we never dreamed possible. They continue to tell me that LOVE is the answer. It doesn't seem to matter how I ask the question or what I ask about - over and over again, they type the word LOVE.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights with us. We are all learning so much!

  2. Thank you so much for articulating this. There is so much openness here. You shine a light on the perfection of brokenness. This perfection, this opportunity for connection to the Divine may be more apparent in extreme situations. But you share such a beautiful reminder that this connection is something we all can access. Thank you.